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Fiscal Responsibility

I am committed to fiscal responsibility, which is proven by my voting record and my attempt to cut this year's budget with seven amendments to help relieve the exceptional burden placed upon our tax payers. Your hard earned tax dollars should be used wisely and efficiently. I will continue to work with my colleagues to compromise on determining a want versus a need, and keep our spending in check.


Criminal Behavior and Homelessness

We must ensure our community remains safe for all. While I believe in compassion and support for those experiencing homelessness, we also need to address criminal behavior that affects the well-being of our residents. I will continue my work towards balanced solutions that maintain our commitment to a social safety for those who are down on their luck, while safe-guarding our community from the criminal behavior enacted by the minority of the transients. 


(***This paragraph includes language not suitable for children***)

There is a lot of criminal behavior, such as masturbating in public, shooting up in public rights of way, defecating in parks and on sidewalks, openly drinking and doing drugs downtown and even on the courthouse lawn, not allowing people to cross California Street Bridge, etc.


I believe that when we criminalize these illegal activities, it will deter criminals from our community. This will allow our truly vulnerable population access to our programs with limited funding. 


I also wanted to remind my community that anyone can donate anytime to the Meadowlark, the Poverello Center, and the Johnson Street Shelter. I personally donate my toddler's diapers that he has grown out of (thanks to buying in bulk and my baby growing so fast!), his barely used or not even used clothing, toilet paper, jackets, bags, and jewelry. These shelters could also use feminine products, water, toilet paper, socks, toiletries, and winter gear. Please visit Donate - The Poverello Center for more information. 



Private Property Rights

Private property is the cornerstone of our freedom. I support your right to own, use, and enjoy your property without unnecessary government intrusion. The more regulations a community enacts results in higher building costs, which in turn results in higher home prices and rent increases. I believe that less government red tape will help alleviate our housing affordability crisis.



Freedom of Speech

I stand for robust freedom of speech. Your right to express your opinions is fundamental to our democracy. I will protect and promote an open exchange of ideas, while maintaining a safe environment free of loud, threatening, and abusive behavior. 

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